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Double Deck Exhibits from Top Deck Doubles Your Impact And Visibility And Much More

Our Top Deck Double Deck Exhibits are cost-effective, professional, sturdy and can be reused over and over again, saving you thousands of dollars. Get free quote here:

Here are a few benefits why you should use a two story exhibit:

Get more impact for your floor rental dollars
Gain valuable visibility on the show floor with double deck exhibits
Display additional products without additional floor space using a Double Decker exhibit
Offer visitors an open observation area
Use a double deck exhibit to offer customers a conference room
View your products from above using a double deck exhibit


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Flexible & re-usable trade show displays with easy to change panels and configurations

All It Takes Is One Tool To Set Up Your Professional, High-Quality, Low-Cost Aluminum trade show displays. Send In Your Drawing And We'll Do The Rest. Get free quote here:

There are many companies that can build you trade show displays for your trade show exhibit. So what makes you choose one modular trade show display between one or another?

A System that is completely flexible and re-usable?

That way you can reconfigure your modular display design with the same components for a new shape or size, without spending any more money…

Which options would you want when choosing your modular display systems:

Easy to set up modular trade show display?
So you don’t need any forklifts or riggers…
Easy changing of panels?
Matte finish?
A lot of colors to choose from?
Easily apply fabric graphics?
Easily expandable?
Cost effective modular trade show displays?
We make it an easy and simple choice because our modular displays are everything we just mentioned and more.


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Professional, Easy To Set Up, Reusable Temporary Walls That Save 1000's Of Dollars

MallForms temporary walls (for construction) have truly unique advantages such as: extremely easy to use, professional look, sturdy and strong, and best of all they pay for themselves because they are reusable. Get free quote here:

The MallForms modular temporary wall system offers you a BEYOND cost effective solution for temporary walls, construction walls, barricades, and temporary wall partitions.

Temporary Walls, Construction Walls, Partitions, Temporary Office Walls and MoreThe MallForms SAVES you thousands starting only after the SECOND use.

The MallForms system is modular, adaptable, and expandable.

The walls set up and break down fast and easy.

No more costly and messy drywall.

And our temporary walls system is totally customizable.

You tell us what type of wall or partition you need (application, height, length, color, etc.) and we will do the rest.

We will help you with the layout and overall design needs.

Another benefit of the MallForms modular system is that it is sturdy, long-lasting, light weight, easy to deploy and break down.

Therefore, the system can be left in place as a permanent structure.

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Imastercopy Media and Tech Company Launches New Client’s Website “Precious Memories Early Childhood”

Stamford, Connecticut – announces today, the official launch of Precious Memories Early Childhood Learning Center Website ( a website devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of Early Childhood Development within the Bridgeport Community. (, supporting education and government mandated legislation that benefits Children six months to five years old and their families, and providing and enhancing early childhood education that support families with cost based daycare and preschools. website provides information and resources on all that is taking place within its four locations said; executive director “Sheree Higgins”. The site provides numerous ways for parents and community to obtain information on how Early Childhood Education is done within the PMECLC environment. PMECLC mission is “ to use developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate and effective teaching and development in the context of our program’s curriculum goals for the children”.

Sheree Higgins President, and Executive Director established the effort for quality early childhood education a few years ago for the Bridgeport, Connecticut. Mrs. Higgins plans to expand the early childhood Education Development on a national level within a small community called “Bridgeport, CT. “The PMECLC Community is committed to making a difference for Education in Pre-School Stage.” stated Higgins”. With this new website, we hope to provide a resource where individuals can learn more about Early Childhood Education and it’s process, and offer a way for parents be involved with the early stages of their child education.”

About and project:

The mission of on this project is to increase awareness and understanding of Early Childhood Development through a online portal that allows easy access for parents to obtain information by using a mobile devices and new age technology. was slated for the development for Precious Memories Early Childhood Center ( and Student Relationship Management System (SCRM) to make this growing organization more advances in the new age technology. “iMasterCopy is please to have this opportunity said CMO Renee Terrelonge”.  iMasterCopy looks forward to implement a quality website and student management system that allow schools, parents and students to be happy.  As is still working on Student Relationship Management System ( "SCRM") the company hopes to bring a lifecycle and streamline progress to early childhood development.


Renee Terrelonge

Public Relations Manager Phone: 800.883.2157


Great Products for Black Friday with Imastercopy Store

Imastercopy Inc. announces the launch of its e-store (, the exclusive to pro media, mobile phone, and music promotional services. trademark "iMastercopy" which provides media duplication and web development services for that last twelve years sees moving in the e-commerce direction as the perfect avenue to take. iMasterCopy is under new management and new Structure and aim to elevate with the times of digital technology distribution for music, video and data.

As the company is over thirteen years old and still striving for the goal of excellent it focus is hugging it’s customers and providing unique services that are only available at

iMastercopy, who provides for it’s industry’s top services that includes but not limited to CD DVD duplication, Pro Media Store, Web Services and Music Promotions. iMastercopy ( Moves with the wave of technology.

iMastercopy services aim to carve out a niche in the e-commerce industry because of the one-of-a-kind appeal with its professional media store and media promotional services. The carries items such as: AV equipment, Binoculars & scopes, Blank media, camera, duplicator, phones, various electronics, film/tapes/media supplies, pro audio/video equipment, security & surveillance, specialized sporting equipment, TV& Entertainment, and promotional services for individuals in music and film. Overall, the store focuses on Professional Media supplies and Mobile electronics.


The Fame Affair Hosted by Ricky "Trendy" DA'Vista

This professional affair was not how the night was to be spent, But none the less, it turned out enjoyable. The goal is for young Entrepreneurs to network and hopefully establish co-working opportunities. The entertainment by signer Avery was well done, as there is nothing like a live band when performing. Overall, the location was the catcher for the night, as the decor was just perfect. As for the fashion, CEO Shawn Rembert of G.A.M.E BOY outfit was the winner in Longe's books.  Everyone was nicely dress outside of a few who believed they are trendy, but failed terrible. The entrepreneurs for the night goes to Temeka Jackson who is the owner of Mona Lisa's Bakery Bar that featured alcohol mini cupcakes.  The sponsors for the event: G.A.M.E BOY, MaRouge Publicity and Ricky Trendy Da'Vista.

Companies at the event included but no limited to: The Antonio Harper Company, Artistic Hair Design, Nicqueva, Beaut Outerwear by Ricardo Auguste, Power Of Five, Organization, Cassy Stylez U,  FinessorNah, Events Connected, iPartyCT, Sister Girl Foundation, Niccie's Jewels, Project 10 and more.

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Submit Your Press Release and get over 100K unique Visitors.



Lights, Camera, Fashion! Atlanta Fashion week 2014 is officially the place to be this June 21, 2014 to see emerging designers from around the world. Hosted by celebrity radio and television personalities. The evening's festivities will feature music, beautiful models, and the hottest artist as well as a dynamic fashion show from International designers.

Featuring designers, celebrities, and musicians from nearly every continent, Longé Fashion showcases marked an exciting addition to the glamorous affair when it welcomed Records, Island Labels, well-known designers and more. A star in the music industry for over a decade’s first lady Omeil hosted a media seminar for musician and designers in which she discussed how to succeed in your chosen passion. Aside from Living Icon DJ, Label reps, Designers, Musician we were also joined by an array of stars.

Atlanta Longé Fashion Week 2014 highlights the world's top emerging designers. We’re bringing out a groundbreaking format by offering delectable cuisine. Prepare your taste buds for the something exciting! The staff will serve a unique tasting menu created specifically for a country being showcased on the catwalk.

This year, Longé Fashion Week is sponsored by DKNY, Michael Kors, and Sweet Dreams Make Up, the creator’s luxurious products! Fashion VIPs, celebrities, buyers, and designers can discuss the amazing designs they've seen throughout the show while enjoying some of the best food Atlanta has to offer.

As if the Hollywood red carpet gowns were not enough excitement, the energy skyrocketing evening's live musical acts will make the Atlanta Fashion week 2014 showcases amazing and something to talk about years to come. In order to parallel the global afternoon the fashion designers line-up includes: Mark Antony Scott, Coco Unleashed, LeNeva, RTW, STMT Statement, Truly Lifestyle, Zinger Wear, Tolulope Ajide and more. Make-up by Sweet Dreams Up Make, Hair by Newton Cane Inc., and Styling my Longé Style house. 

“The true focus of the evening's festivities, though, is to honor and highlight the great models that allow the runway to light up with glamour and excellence” said V2L Events and Echelon Entertainment.

"It’s truly going to be an amazing year. We have 10 plus exciting designers from 10 countries, great sponsors, and an anticipated sold out show and many wonderful celebrity guests," says Longe Media CEO.

For more information on Longé Fashion Showcases, please visit. become a fan or follow us on twitter at



The $7,000 a Month Intern: How Can Your Company Compete?

Spring is here and summer’s not far behind—which means businesses that use interns are starting to think about their summer needs. Qualified interns can be tough to find, and now the competition is getting even stiffer.

A study by Glassdoor (disclosure: A client of my company) found that interns at top companies such as Facebook, Google and ExxonMobil can make as much as $7,000 a month if they work full time.

For small business owners who already struggle to compete for interns with big companies and their on-campus recruiters, this news might be enough to make you throw up your hands. But even for the interns who take these high-paying jobs, it’s not all about the money – and that’s good news for small businesses with small budgets.

How to Compete for Small Business Interns

Create a Passionate Workplace

The companies on the top 25 list aren’t known just for offering high salaries – they’re known as places where the best of the best come together, where employees are energized and where ideas flow freely. Said one intern:

“Work is motivated by a real mission. Very few people are there just for money.”

Indeed, interns cited a strong company culture and values as the third most important factor in choosing an internship. Building a strong corporate culture, emphasizing your company’s culture in your recruiting and aligning your values with those of young people (social responsibility, authenticity and transparency) will help you attract not only interns, but full-time employees as well.

Offer Little Extras

Another intern said:

“[The] company [offers] good bonuses and other perks.”

You may not be able to pay the $6,700-plus monthly salary Twitter pays its interns, but can you offer a bonus tied to performance at the end of the internship? What types of free or low-cost perks can you provide?

For interns, something as simple as pizza lunches on Friday, flexible hours or the ability to work at home can make a big difference in how they perceive your workplace.

Provide a Learning Experience

Said one intern of the experience:

“You will learn a ton.”

One of the hallmarks of an internship is that interns actually have the chance to learn relevant career skills (most colleges and universities require this to consider it an internship, not just a job).

However, it’s easy for entrepreneurs at a busy small business to forget this and slip into giving interns “grunt work.” The opportunity for career growth is the single most important factor interns in the study cited in choosing an internship.

Plan how the internship will help the student gain useful skills and experience – not just how it will help your business. You or another key employee should regularly meet with and mentor the intern to further their real-world education.

Give Interns a Chance to Make a Difference

Another intern shares:

“You will ship code used in production [and] you can have a say in virtually all company decisions.”

Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to earn respect, be part of a big project and have input into the direction of a company?

Today’s Millennial employees, in particular, want to feel like their work is meaningful from the get-go – and that includes internships. Clearly explain to potential interns the role they will play in the company as a whole. Involve them in meetings and decisions and let them get their feet wet on big projects.

Look Locally

The opportunity to work in a convenient location with a short commute was the third most important factor in choosing an internship (tied with company culture).

Focus on local colleges and universities when seeking interns and emphasize your location.

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