Matriarchs - Disconnected

Review the video below and let us know your feedback on Matriarchs new release "Disconnected".


About the Band:

MATRIARCHS – Disconnected Release MTAS are all about bridging the gaps between punk and metal. With a sound reminiscent of Sick Of It All, Madball or Agnostic Front crossed with Classic Death Metal and Grind Bands like At The Gates, Suffocation, SkitSystem and Tragedy. Matriarchs reinvent the game a bit by incorporating strong and memorable songwriting transcending hardcore and diving into pure artistic territory. Disconnected is hard and pure from the very start. The guitars carry a punch, while the drums are remarkably heavy, blending in perfectly with the groove of the bass. The sound of this track echoes the golden age of the genre, and focuses on carrying the rebellious fire of aggressive music and allowing true passion of music to really reach their audience. Following in the footsteps of the most authentic hardcore and punk traditions, this track is under 3 minutes, packing lots of urgency and energy into the mix.

Matriarchs - Judas off their debut EP "Scandalous Jointz" out now. Order Today here!


Peyton Parker "A Million Things" NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission

As Peyton Parker came across the music desk, she seems as if she is a talent that is a part of the Television series "Nashville". This song "A million Things" will bring tears to your eyes. It's so relatable. Peyton Parker is an overall great talent; she plays the guitar, sings and writes. The video below is live from Nashville; which was recorded for the 2017 National Public Radio (NPR) Tiny Desk Contest. Review the video below, and let us know your feedback for the potential next big talent from Nashville.


Credit details on Peyton Parker song "A Million Things": 

  • Thank you to Lee Huber and The Country Nashville for allowing me to drag a desk into your place of business.
  • Thank you to Dylan McDonald (guitar) and Josh Barber (drums) for accompanying me.
  • Thank you to Paul Dodds for your sound skills. 
  • Thank you Miktek Audio. This was recorded on a PM9.
  • Thank you, Deering Banjo and Martin Guitar for making beautiful instruments.



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The New Album "To Be and Not to Be" by Vessel Decimal

‘To Be or Not To Be by Vessel Decimal is ready for you!

It's January 31st, 2017 and Vessel Decimal has released the new album, ‘To Be or Not To Be‘, via their Independent Records.

Now the Heavy Metal Band Album "To Be or Not To Be" has four Tracks that stands out and will have great footage "Tisk Tisk", "Zeroth Place", "Dear Jane" and "The Scrambling". Not the Say the other songs are not great. But Listening to the album those are the top picks for Longe.  The album can be found on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and all places that streams and sell music. To listen to the entire album visit the Band on Spotify at:

Rejoice in Blasphemy, This album is well produced with great production and arrangement. If you enjoy deep underground of Heavy Metal Music this is a great album for you to enjoy.

Ten (10) years ago, Vessel Decimal starting their career in music and enjoying the kind of preposterous success with his music. Listening to Heavy Metal song's, seems to have awoken Vessel Decimal. After a decade of keeping their music low-key with great collaborations, it is hard to avoid the feeling that his 2017 Album "To Be or Not To Be" could be a great masterpiece, which one day, can be one of the biggest heavy metal albums of all our time.

Proudly rooted in his genre, Vessel Decimal shows great potential and giving some light to Heavy Metal. Lately Heavy Metal have not being seen much on the mainstreet forefront; as it was, back in the 80's. From the Distractors assault of Music mastering heights to the mutant Zeroth Place of the underline music creations, this is a joyous statement of intent, heavy on hooks and propulsive riffing, and manifestly more convincing than anything is possible when you have great production, great lyrics and a love your music.


To Be or Not To Be‘ track-listing
1. Distractors
2. Hepatitis
3. Amorphous
4. Tisk Tisk
5. Scenarios of the Unknown
6. The Great Depression
7. Words of Encouragement
8. The Scrambling
9. Dear Jane
10.Zeroth Place


Short Bio:
Vessel Decimal was founded by Jesse Kazmer in 2007 with a rotating cast of anonymous performers with the intention of delivering thought provoking and unconventional music to anyone who takes their music seriously. From more information on Vessel Decimal www.

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