Make your music go viral for five dollars

While researching Longe found a couple gigs that musicians can pay only $5 dollars for

, and get some buzz on their music.  At the site, the seller Imastercopy provides a great deal so services that musician needs and it all starts at only $5 dollars. If you're a musician base on the price alone it's worth a test run.

My Favorites of this seller's gig are:

#1 Submit music to 5,000 Plus DJ's and if tracking is a requirement you pay a litter more to see how you're doing.

This gig provides: "a combination of SKY.FM, Somafm, AccuRadio and others are world’s largest independent Internet/Club/terrestrial radio network to promote music". The combined community of thousands of broadcasters and millions of listeners, the Network is the perfect tool to reach new and existing audiences.

Get your music into the hands and ears of 5,000+  Internet/Club/terrestrial radio DJs.


 #2 Being able to submit music to radio stations that actually tracks and report music.

The Gig includes:
Promote 1 Song in order to maximize results
Submittal to 5 CMJ/Billboard Radio Stations
Pic, Bio, Song (Required)
Nielsen Soundscan BDS Virtual Encode (Recommended)
UPC code,  Allmusic registration (Recommended)

The benefit of doing this gig is: "Billboard charts tabulate the relative weekly popularity of songs or albums in the US and elsewhere. The results are published online Billboard magazine and provides weekly charts.The charts are dedicated to all genres. The charts can be ranked according to sales, streams or airplay, and for main song charts such as the Hot 100 song chart. Billboard chart, streams, and track sales are included in addition to album sales".

"CMJ  is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay. The CMJ College Radio Network is a community of hundreds of both on-air and online college and non-commercial radio stations throughout North America and beyond. CMJ connects music fans and music industry professionals with the best in new music through interactive media. They offer a digital music discovery service, information resources and community to new music fans, professionals, and artists".

Make your music go viral!!

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