Flaim Magazine is Blazing Flames!

Flaim Magazine covers what's going in the (Financial world as an Entrepreneur) Business, (All Great artists, bands, and publishers) The Arts,

(Mogul in the industry and what they are doing) Fashion and more. In order to produce great content; it takes a writer time to research great articles with factual references, good creative writers, readers feedback, and extreme marketing and promotions in order to do well in media content base business. Flaim magazine is exactly that, they are here to bring the "Flaim Magazine" to the next level with great content and exclusive interview and reviews that readers want. The editor and chief Melanie Monroe focus on current happenings and trends in movies indie talents, models, music, sports and exclusive features such as "The BET Experience", Fashion Week, Emerging designs and doing Advertisement around the perfect article that does not overwhelm the readers.

Melanie Monroe understands the more one reads, the more words exposure is gained. Flaim aims to Mental Stimulate, reduce stress, gain knowledge and of course inevitably increase vocabulary through great content. The content will articulate greatness in the community and around the world. The magazine will do its best to interview self-confident individuals, organizations and alike that can bring an experience that can help others boost self-esteem and provide ideas and tips that they too can do great things in their lives as well.

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